Thursday, January 22, 2015

Willingness To Change

There are those who are willing to work things out, those who are too comfortable in their current state, then you have those who will never consider change; they're afraid of change because change requires a mass amount of work and effort. Many are drawn away by fear, fear of change and stay in their comfort zone. In order to bring that change into your life-slow down-take time to think-reflect and then take action to change it. The willingness to change is essential. It’s your life; no-one has the power to change it but you. If you're not willing to change or change where change is needed you'll end up with the same results, and nothing or no-one can neither do it for you, make the decision for you nor make you see it. Motivate yourself to build the willingness to change, realizing that your life can be better than it is now and ever was. There's always room to improve, no matter how good your life is now. Always make room for change. Ultimately, whether your life goes right or left, up or down depends on you. You alone are responsible for your life choices. Remember, the change you seek is at your reach, within you--once you take the full responsibility you will be inspired to act and be effective. Why be a follower when you can be a leader? Live your life, and live it to your fullest potential with conviction, enthusiasm, confidence, eagerness, devotion, and passion--most importantly, have a willing heart and an open mind to consider new advantages--give yourself a chance to be exposed to new experiences. Take advantage of this lifetime that is filled with new challenges, opportunities and endless possibilities--eagerly waiting for you daily. Everyday, is a new day for a better you. Change it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Constant Prayer

For those in whom inhabit in it, how magnificent it is that you permit and/or allow us to arrive at your feet, before your throne with a sincere heart. Knowing, Beloved Father, that You do not despise a humble and contrite heart, it's like a sweet smelling aroma to you--thank you for giving us the free will to choose among the good and evil, for the elect to love you without any pressure, restraints and without being obligated to, but only because we know how you are so worthy to be praised and worshiped. Thank you Father for you are good, your mercy is everlasting, and your grace is sufficient; in spite of our failures and our weaknesses, and in spite of being in human form you've given us control to conquer all that is good and all that is evil. This, without hesitation, receives all the adoration, all the honor and all the praise from the heavens to the earths. In your hands, we entrust each and every day--starting with our health, our family, our friendships, our home, our work, our finances, our every movement. Let your will be done in each and every one of us, Holy Father, because we cannot be in better hands other than yours. Thank you for permitting our hands, hearts, technology, and fixed minds to help collaborate with whom we may come in contact with, connect with that may need our help through your Holy Spirit. You give us the serenity to accept what we cannot change, wisdom and intelligence to resolve, to endure any and all difficulties, and the love you've installed in us, your divine mercy to share with others as you have shared with us. Send angels to surround us, our families, loved ones, and those of whom we have yet to make contact with--the world, bless us to the point our cup runneth over and have no room to receive, which will give us the ability to give more and more as the vessels you've molded us to be, and still--in Jesus name we ask this of you....Amen, Amen and Amen.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Criminal Hearts

Not how I wanted it to be, because I wanted, needed you here with me. Nothing left to say, nothing more to do but to turn away from you, love. 
Hope not to see you soon--such a hard habit to break--felt dismayed, struggling to keep from walking astray, only to get betrayed, by the one who once lead me on my way, to Him. 
Untamed, ruthless behavior, countless memories to savor. 
What love is this that nearly left me lifeless, mislead the dream held in our hands of an imperfectly perfect perpetual bliss to be dismissed into the abyss of everything scattered, shattered. 
Crushed--under a moment, underneath a moonlight, the starry skies, couldn't be brighter, more clearer than crystal clear, all with a perfect sneer. Explicit fluid inferred, fearless with intentional motive one could not deny, my dear.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Force Field

As we seek deeper with a spirit of gratitude for the little miracles that take place in our lives we'll come to appreciate them most when we accept not everything will be as perfect as we intend them to be. Every aspect in our lives, as presented, are presented with knowing it's all for a reason and all for a cause, and doing so with a great attitude. At some point we must understand that not everything is going to turn out as perfect as we had expected or how we had previously planned. Perhaps we should give some light, more consideration to the darkest, unpleasant moments that occur in our lives to appreciate the most pleasant ones with more thanksgiving and gratefulness. Even the darkest times have a meaning and a significance to learn us a few things about life. Sometimes the adversities are what gives us that extra forceful push of persistence, and perseverance to make it to the next level of awareness with an understanding and acceptance. In the mean time these energies are reinforcing, realigning and bringing back the balance throughout your life, allowing and drawing those energies back to you to play their part. Making every effort without reservation to receive what our universe has laid out for us, the wonders of Gods magnificent plan for our lives. This is what we then call creating our force field with abundance, harmony and unity--as one with God and the universe. Powerful. No-one can nor has the power to corrupt these forces but you. Taking the good with the bad, and breaking away from whatever or whomever blocks your flow of good vibrations and flow to manifest over into and out of your life. When you are more eager to learn and seek more awareness, spiritual harmony, positive vibrations, abundant joy, balance with great pleasure all will flow and find you. Creating an overflowing abundance and balance for your life under all conditions regardless of what life may throw your way or what your current status may be, against all odds, taking all risks. Don't block your chances, your purpose, your love from reaching you and reaching out to others. When we fall short of grace that is freely given to us, when we cut ourselves short, all we do is delay the process, and waste time in getting the desired results we so eagerly seek for which are meant for us to possess. Be open, be patient, be willing, be aware, and be love with expectation. Let us receive the abundance of truth, love and light; for these are the miracles, forces of life. Be the flow, electricity, a magnet in your current stream. Be a force field. Know what is good and acceptable unto you, and that all will come to you and find you in time, an appointed time.

I Shall Forget...

I shall forget the moment I first laid with you; we talked, and...

I shall forget who you presented me with; someone I thought I knew...for just a few.

I shall forget the day when we left Bay; a day I may find it hard to forget to say, the least..

I shall forget the song that played on that day; I you.

I shall forget all the days we met, over and over again...

I shall forget the tenderness of our lips, don't know that I'll ever forget.

I shall forget when you gazed into my eyes and cried...thought it was so-real.

I shall forget how connected our souls entwined...dancing to one beat.

I shall forget as we could careless if the whole world was against us; yet we were all we needed.

I shall forget all the times we said we couldn't live without each other; and we are.

I shall forget the first day I welcomed you home; my heart was filled with joy, so much joy.

I shall forget when we would go to a place you'd call home; family was so pleasant.

I shall forget the drives we took; always listening to our favorite tunes--so adventurous. 

I shall forget the full moon that shined on our skin, the glow in our eyes; perfect moments.

I shall forget our private spot; swimming in our own pool of love--the ocean belonged to us.

I shall forget it all because to remember is all the more difficult; the pain is unbearable, almost.

I shall forget why I fell in deep, because the truth revealed the unknown, the unreal: I was beat.

I shall forget what we believed to be heaven sent; "I love you, because I need you in my life."

I shall forget what seemed so right; was so wrongfully mislead.

I shall forget I thought I was the one, thought you were the one; we were one.

I shall forget.....the rising sun; I could go on and on....

Monday, December 29, 2014

My Life, My Philosophy: His Grace.

If and when you make the decision to have or no longer have someone or something a part of your life, or make the choice to never associate with certain people or depart from certain things and/or situations, because it no longer serves you purpose, and/or is of no value but a hindrance, (and, not that you owe anyone an explanation nor have to prove yourself, 'cause clearly you don't, if they still remain in your life.) however; it all comes down to reason, values, morals, self dignity, self worth, standards, and first and foremost there's self love and self respect, and of course, with the exception of always giving extended love and respect towards others. We all deserve to be understood, a chance, and mostly we all deserve to be loved and cared for. It's a decision and a choice one makes, NO ONE else, but, that one person. This is your life, nothing or no-one can enter it, be a part of it, have an effect, an influence, and/or an impact unless you allow it. Everyone who enters your life enters with reason, purpose, and sometimes simply for a lesson, which one should proudly accept, moving forward. But, when it's time to give, give, and when time is up, it's up, and only you can be the judge of that, ultimately. Don't be so hard on yourself and/or on others.

Effort, I'm a strong believer in effort. Builder of people, it's what I do, it's what I believe in, and what I breathe; it's a God given gift which I obtain, and live by---always have, always will. I may be down at times, my world in full turmoil or in full force chaos, however, it will never limit me in being a supporter, an encourager of people, an inspiration, a motivator for others in helping build their dreams and fulfill their goals. I don't look for love, true love finds me, and I welcome it, cherish it, hold onto it and definitely fight for it, because no love is ever wasted love. Love is love, and we all love differently; love feels good, as it should, but sometimes it hurts, and that's okay too, however, most importantly, love is patient, it's kind, and love sometimes takes time: love is worth the effort. This world has plenty of critics, and not enough encouragers, encouragers of love and life.

You cannot give me what already belongs to me, it's mine--exactly how God intended it to be. It's not what others may think or say, no, it's what God says that counts, and I solely and utterly trust in that. This here is my illustration, the book I go by, if this here finds you well, wonderful, my mission was accomplished, and if  it offends you in any way shape or form, if this here at all makes you a tad bit uncomfortable, with all due respect, that's your problem, not mine and I will never apologize for it--mission accomplished. Sometimes the truth is very blunt, harsh, it's unjustifiable, it stands alone--it's the truth; I live for, live by it unapologetically. Be a lover of people, a lover of life--love with compassion: love yourself.

(Remember, it's not always about you.) At what point do you stop love? You don't: Love knows no end.

God bless, may the love of Christ exalt you and yours, always. #GodsPeaceBeWithYou. #ThankYou2014 #Welcome2015

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fairness Failed but Then Came Change:

Life isn't fair and people make it seem as though it is or should be. Truth is you just have to make changes where change is needed to make life fair for you. Never worrying what others may say or think. Never try and justify what you're feeling or how you view your own life. Go with what you know to be true to you, followed by the higher source you may have your faith and belief in. Your truth is the truth and shouldn't be compromised for another nor for what's not righteously right for you. #Hebrews13:5 ❤

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sacrificial Love

Are you being self-serving in a relationship? If so, where is the love in that? Real love is far from selfishness, being egotistical and a spirit full of pride. It has everything to do with providing, giving of yourself to your significant other with their best interest at hand and for their highest good. When you desire someone, be sure you have good intentions for needing to love them simply because you love and need them in your life. Ask yourself; are your purest reasons towards your loved one nothing less than to give them the best of your love you can provide them with, without any connected ulterior motives? Love conquers all, and heals a multitude of wounds, and it doesn't cover up the surface--you can't expect it to grow if you continue to open the wounds that have yet to heal. Don't be selfish, be self-sacrificial.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Be A Blessing Not A Curse

Don't miss your blessings by focusing on what others are being blessed with. Don't miss what God has in-store for you. Instead fixate your mind, reposition yourself towards the opportunities God has laid before you. God blesses everyone in different ways and that's perfectly great, because it is then we see the marvelous wonders of His great majesty. Count your blessings, not that of others, don't be envious, but happy, happy that another is happy and blessed as well. Share your goals and dreams with one another. Be a supporter, encourager and an inspiration for whomever you may come in contact with, whomever God lies before your path. You can't help someone with one hand and knock them down with the other. Rejoice for what God has done in your life and theirs and what He's yet to unfold. As long as you're still breathing, life ain't over until God says it's over. Speak life not death, share love not hate, pray to be more compassionate and less cruel. One cannot give what they do not posses and I don't mean luxury, riches and jewels, rather love, peace, wisdom and more love, which are more precious and most valuable, priceless gifts one could ever obtain. Everyone is going through a struggle as you are too. Remember, if God could pull you out of that pit He can pull anyone from their hell too; God is no respecter of persons, He loves us all. His grace is sufficient while His mercy is everlasting. Let grace cover your grace and aim and head towards your mark. We're all trying to get somewhere.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Iron Sharpens Iron

It's not about being negative, proving someone else wrong, or being right. It's about being respectful, true, being trustworthy, and being your authentic self; with you, others, in any and all relationships. Whether it's an intimate, business related or acquaintanceship; being loyal, being honest, being real--they go a long way, and should always remain. After all, that is what we all desire, right? Granted, not everyone will abide or possess the same beliefs, fundamental values and/or morals. Under any and all circumstances, no-one should ever have to compromise who they are, for you are all you've got. Some will understand, some will not, and not everything can or will be explained. We all have different perspectives. As difficult as it may seem, we have to accept the fact that not everyone has the same views, and it's not our place to try and figure out life for others. We can only support each other, and hope we all learn from one another, just like iron sharpens iron so does a man sharpen another. #ToEachTheirOwn & #ToThineOwnSelfBeTrue